WHEDA Home Loans

WHEDA Home Loans In Madison, WI

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, or WHEDA Home Loans in Madison, Wisconsin, provides a special loan program to home buyers looking to purchase a house they want to own and live in. WHEDA home loans are a great fit for homebuyers who meet requirements including falling under specific income limits and residing in the home as a primary residence. Madison, Wisconsin WHEDA home loans are helpful for lower-income families as it offers the lowest monthly mortgage payments, down payment, and closing cost assistance. WHEDA also offers 3 types of loans, two for first time home buyers, and one for home buyers who have owned real estate in the past. The non-first time home buyer loan is specifically for someone who does not currently own real estate. For example, you could arrange the sale of your current home one day, and close on your new home the following day. Madison, Wisconsin WHEDA home loans can make homeownership accessible for more families across the state.

WHEDA Home Loan Highlights:

  • 100% financing
  • Lowest allowable monthly mortgage payments
  • Low-interest rates
  • Low FICO Score requirements
  • Low closing costs
  • Gift funds allowed toward closing costs
  • 30 years, fixed-rate mortgage

WHEDA Home Loan Eligibility:

  • The home is the primary residence for the buyer
  • Meet maximum earning limits (varies based on county)
  • The home must be located in Wisconsin
  • Maximum loan limits vary based on location

As a WHEDA approved lender, Easy Mortgage looks forward to helping you get into your first home thanks to the helpful resources available through WHEDA.

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